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PRINCE2 certification is a process-based project management methodology that focuses on the tried-and-true experience of project management practitioners worldwide. It outlines the themes, principles, and procedures for completing any size and complex project.PRINCE2 stand for Project in Controlled Environment.


  • Over a million experts.
  • a variety of roles and industries
  • 18 different languages.
  • Over 150 nations.

PRINCE2 certification gives you the skills and knowledge to manage projects of any size or complexity. There are two levels of training courses and certification:


PRINCE2 Foundation Certification.


The theoretical knowledge of how to plan, manage and deliver projects from inception to finish by PRINCE2 Foundation. The Practitioner certification requires a pass at the Prince2 foundation exam level.


Get more information on PRINCE2 Foundation, the 6th Edition.



PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification.

PRINCE2 Practitioner builds on the knowledge gained at the Foundation level, allowing you to apply and customise the approach in a real-world setting.


Get more information on PRINCE2 Practitioner, the 6th Edition.


Agile PRINCE2 Certification.

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PRINCE2 is adaptable to any project’s needs and is entirely compatible with agile delivery. The PRINCE2 Agile certification process delves deeper into this.


Certifications in the field it is also one of the highest regarded. Prince2 is a tried-and-true project management approach used throughout the world. Therefore, earning the certification improves individuals’ career chances in the Project Management field and gives them an advantage when looking for employment and promotions.


The Prince2 test is in two parts: foundational and Practitioner. For the various Prince2 test levels, most organisations mix the examination fee and training expense.


Levels of Prince2 Certification

There are two levels of certification. There are two levels: Foundation and Practitioner. We’ll look at various certification levels, who they’re for, possible requirements, and other fundamental information in this part.

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The Prince2 Foundation Certification level

is the most basic level of the Prince2 certification. This certification level is designed for project team members, project managers, or teams who want to learn the Prince2 project management process fundamentals.

The Prince2 Foundation certification course is designed to help candidates develop the skills they need to be successful project team members. Candidates will gain a detailed understanding of key concepts and phrases. The Prince2 Foundation certification provides a project management professional with a deeper understanding of working efficiently on projects initiated using the Prince2 framework.

The Foundation credential also aids professionals in comprehending the Prince2 method’s rudimentary approach and concepts. However, although certification is not required, it is recommended that candidates have a basic understanding of the framework.


Prince2 Practitioner Certification:

The Prince2 Practitioner certification focus on project managers, project team leads, and project analysts interested in learning more about. The goal of the course is to educate these professionals about the requirements of projects based on Prince2 concepts.

The professional should confidently manage and lead teams for medium to large scale projects after completing the programme and earning the certification. Because this is an advanced certification level, it has some prerequisites.

A candidate must first achieve the Prince2 Foundation level certification, a requirement for the Practitioner exam and certification. Candidates should also have the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification or the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification.


Preparation and Training for the Prince2 Certification

As with many other certifications, the Prince2 examination necessitates thorough and thorough preparation. However, most organisations that assist with exam registration also organise training, which makes this simple. As a result, exam registration fees are frequently paid with training fees. In addition, there are numerous Prince2 test preparation materials accessible to assist applicants in further preparing for the exam.


JK Michaels Institute Training PRINCE2 Foundation and Practiotioner courses comes in a variety of forms and formats. Physical in-person training is available, which requires the candidate to attend physical classes and interact with lecturers. Online virtual classroom which allows candidate to participate in a real time classess.Online Self Paced training is also available, which requires candidates to listen to and see webinars.

JK Michaels hold pre-test exam(before the class commence) and mock exams to assess candidates’ exam preparation. Some people have opted for online lectures and classes—themes for PRINCE2.

PRINCE2 Certification Learning Outcomes:

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  • Learn how to manage projects by identifying the project management areas that must constantly address throughout the project.
  • You will specifically learn to justify if a project is valuable and feasible.
  • Establish a project management team structure that specifies who is accountable and responsible for the project and the different roles and responsibilities.
  • Establish tools to determine whether project products are “fit for purpose.”
  • Define how, when, how much, who will deliver the products, and where the project will provide them.
  • Identify, analyse, and manage uncertainty to increase the likelihood of a successful project.
  • Any future and approved changes to baseline products should be identified, analysed, and controlled.
  • The goal is to have tools in place to compare the actual progress of a project to the planned baseline, catch any deviations, and make future projections.



The primary resource of Prince2 methodology:

The official text, Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2, is the essential reference for this exam.


You should get the official manual and familiarize yourself with the information inside it, since the exam is open-book.


Exam preparation is underway.

There are three standard options:

Taking classroom courses: a typical three-day method includes an exam on the last day. Attending the online classes.


Generally, self-study or eLearning courses take 20 to 40 hours to complete, depending on the candidate’s experience and prior knowledge.

It is preferable to take classroom and eLearning courses from an Accredited Training Organization because their evaluated material has been approved by the Examination Institutes.JK Michaels Institute partnered with a world-class ATO to deliver best in class PRINCE2 Certification training.

It is frequently stated on ATO websites, and it can find it in the ATO directories of the Examination Institutes. Many candidates enrol in so-called combi-courses, which last at least three days and cover the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certification.


Any project manager’s mission is to complete projects on schedule, within budget, and within scope. PRINCE2 guides you through the stages of a project’s life cycle, providing structure and a common language for your projects.

Project management is a flexible, scalable, and customizable process that can be tailored to your specific needs. The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a professional organization that sets standards for project management, and Prince2 is a registered trademark of the Axelos.


PRINCE 2 Practitioner training course is particularly suited to anyone requiring the qualification to implement best practices in managing large or...
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PRINCE 2 Foundation training course is particularly suited to anyone requiring the qualification to implement best practices in managing large or c...
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