Strategic Talent Management course will provide a comprehensive look beyond the war for talent and examine the working model and hands-on practice for participants to understand how HR Strategy, Human Capital Strategy, and Strategic Talent Management are interrelated and must be integrated if an organization is to realize its maximum potential.



Strategic Talent Management course will provide a comprehensive look beyond the war for talent and examine the working model and hands-on practice for participants to understand how HR Strategy, Human Capital Strategy, and Strategic Talent Management are interrelated and must be integrated if an organization is to realize its maximum potential.

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Course Benefits

Certified International Administrative Professional

Personal Impact

· You will understand the strategies of effective succession planning for key positions and how to rightly position yourself.
· The course will allow you to understand how to identify talented employees in what suitable positions their talent will be best used
· The course improves reorganization plans
· Best practice in talent management will be taught.
· The class emphasizes the possibilities and ways of finding key talents and identifying high-potential employees
· The class helps to find a balance between retention of employees at their positions and providing development opportunities

Organizational Impact

  • · The program highlights how to engage people to deliver organizational goals.
  • The course helps to Identify essential skills to be developed in all employees and minimize training costs by focusing on key development areas.
  • The course helps to identify and develop high potential individuals.
  • The training will aid in managing performance effectively.
  • The course improves communication across disciplines.
  • Easier ways of assessing the best talent to join the organization will be learnt.
  • The course initiates finding talent externally.
  • The class enhances Managing talent through change.
  • The class describes how to employ proven talent selection, career planning and development, people-orientation and retention tools after strategizing with the top management.
  • The program is designed to make the organization become an attractive employer

Course Outlines


Managing Talent
Programme objectives and
Introduction to Human Resource
Planning (HRP) and where Talent
A l i g n m e n t t o c o r p o r a t e
Engaging line management
Definition of “Talent”
Why is there a global talent
Competitive advantage through
talent management
Organisational difficulties with
talent problems
Organizational Change and
challenges presented
Inclusive or exclusive approach to
The HR plan to develop talent
Getting in shape with the right
strategy – practical exercise
What needs to change – exercise
Attracting good people – step one in the
talent pipe line
Good people are so much more
Human Resource Programs
Human Resource Programs
Case study
Front filling the talent pipe line
Determining future ability
A new look at talent recruitment
Becoming “the employer of
Practice – exercise
The use Psychometric
The need for occupational
How personality profiles help in
recruitment and development
The Use Assessment and
Development Centers
Designing an Assessment
H i g h l y E f f e c t i v e R e c r u i t m e n t
T h e n e e d t o u p g r a d e
i n t e r v i e w i n g a n d o t h e r
selection methods
Supporting DVD – practical
Past behaviour as the best
predictor of future behaviour
Competency-based behavioural
interviewing techniques
Who should interview for talent
Determining whether
candidates meet requirements
Cutting through the “gloss”
Different types of interviews for
Making the final selection
Induction for new talent –
setting the scene for a new
Developing talent and succession plans
T h e s t r a t e g i c u s e o f
development funding
How much development is
Developing talent – external and
internal resources
The holistic approach to
Identifying work based
competency development
Coaching as a powerful
development tool
The effective use of mentors
Assessment on the job and

Prioritizing succession planning
for greater efficiency
Need for talent development at
all organizational levels
Investment and ROI for talent
Pay and rewards for the talent
pipeline –

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Examination and Certification

  • HR professionals, hr advisers, talent managers, CEOs


The Computer Based Test is a (120 – Multiple Choice Questions) 5 hour continuous four part closed book exam. However, formula guides were developed to assist in calculating specific questions and available onscreen, when, and if, needed. Candidates are also permitted to bring any style of calculator, including programmable calculators, to use during the exam.

  • Part I – Supporting Skills & Knowledge
  • Part II – Economic Analysis
  • Part III – Project Management
  • Part IV – Cost Estimating and Control

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